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Probiotic Enemas for SIBO?

First I’m going to say that I am definitely not a doctor .. etc etc. But I’ve had SIBO for almost 2 years now (diagnosed at least) and I am willing to experiment on myself and play around with different things to help myself heal.

I was listening to Brain Maker by Dr. David Perlmutter and he talked a lot about doing probiotic enemas for neurological disorders and the amazing results he has had. It got me thinking – I haven’t been able to feed my innate gut bacteria because any complex carb or non soluble fibre will first feed the SIBO before it actually feeds my gut bacteria.. I take probiotic capsules which I trust is helping the situation, but how can I directly influence these important gut bacteria that do so much for my body, brain and digestion?

So I thought, hey, I should just give this a try.

Also, I was having really intense SIBO flare ups all month and when you are constantly bloated and sick it’s easy to fall into this mind set of I’LL DO ANYTHING.

Unfortunately Shoppers only has a rectal syringe, so I’ve been using that, but it seems to be fine.

Here is what I do (without getting TOO graphic, but I’m being realistic here.)

  1. Heat about 1.5 cups of purified water (definitely don’t use normal tap water..)
  2. let it cool significantly so that you don’t kill the bacteria
  3. Put in 1-2 capsules of probiotics (note: You can definitely use probiotics that are specific to your lower bowel but realistically you have so many different species in your bowel that it probably doesn’t matter too much, in my opinion.)
  4. Place solution into syringe
  5. Either lay in the bathtub or lay down a towel. For easier entry, add a bit of coconut oil to the anus and squeeze all the water in.
  6. Relax and go slow
  7. let it stay in for 20 minutes
  8. let it out.

I have only done it a few times but I plan on doing it at least 1-2 X / week to see if anything happens. My SIBO symptoms have gotten better anyways but I can’t say that it’s specifically from this.

Just to top things off though, I was listening to a podcast with Robb Wolf and Dr. Perlmutter and when they got onto the topic of gut bacteria and SIBO, Dr. Perlmutter definitely mentioned doing probiotic enemas.  So let’s hope something cool happens!

Will definitely keep you updated and hopefully this makes a big difference!

I don’t know if I need to say this but THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE because AGAIN, I’m not a doctor.. YET. Just a little gal sharing some weird SIBO advice.

If you’ve tried probiotic enemas for SIBO- LET ME KNOW! I’d love to hear your experience.


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